While visiting my husband’s sister and her husband in Willis, Texas, we all drove around to see some of the sights in their neighborhood.

swirly treeThey came to a stop in front of a vacant lot full of nothing but trees (and these cool tree sculptures). They told us the man living adjacent to the property in the house next door had done the carvings.

But they also said nobody had ever seen him while he was doing the carvings (which is odd to me since he would apparently make a lot of noise while doing so), and they never knew what type of artwork he was going to do next or when.


squirrel tree

So the real question here is… did this man really do these amazing sculptures? Or do they have a really big beaver showing off his skills? I mean, the neighborhood is by the water – so it is possible! And with one of the sculptures being that of a squirrel, who knows, maybe he was doing a portrait for a friend?

Well, either way – the sculptures are a real show stopper to say the least. You don’t really expect to find a yard full of tree sculptures in this subdivision. But whoever (or whatever) did the carving, my hats off to you! Job well done!

Signing off… this is Carm, one proud and Humble Texan!

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