Still standing after all these years?

As you can tell by the picture, this old farm building is still standing strong with a little help from all the ivy.

This abandoned barn is off of Highway 90 between Devers and Nome, Texas. The story goes that it was originally a barn full of hay and a great storage building for all the owner’s farm equipment.

As time went by, the owners moved and left the building to rot. But the building took on a life all its own and became cocooned in a sea of ivy. After being neglected for years and years, the property was finally purchased by a family that decided to tear down the farm house (which had just about rotted on its own), but leave the “ivy-covered” barn as it stood. They did clean up the inside and locals say they occasionally have a few barn dances on the inside with twinkling lights, hay bales, and lots of music filling the air.

I think it’s really cool that they decided to leave it in tact and that the neighbors get to enjoy the building once in a while. Wonder what the walls would say if they could talk?

Totally cool site to see if you are ever traveling down Highway 90 doing some sightseeing.

We’ll see you on the “flip-flop!”
Signing off… this is Carm, one proud and Humble Texan!

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