What is Christmas without a Holliday?

With Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner, I couldn’t forget about some of the small Texas towns that represent such festivities.

So, for the holidays, why not visit Holliday, Texas?

Located in northern Archer County, 14 miles southwest of downtown Wichita Falls in northern Texas. U.S. Routes 82 and 277 bypass the city on the northwest, leading northeast to Wichita Falls and southwest to Seymour.

And for a town with a population of only 1632, you wouldn’t think they would have a lot of activity throughout the year.

But they have annual events ranging from a Citywide Clean-Up day, Dog Dip and Vaccination day, a City Wide Garage Sale, all the stores in Holliday offer a Safe Trick or Treat day, and, of course, in December a Christmas Parade.

So, to me… sounds like a really special place to visit during the “holidays!” To learn more about this small town, visit their website at Holliday, Texas.

Signing off… this is Carm, one proud and Humble Texan!
And have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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