With Christmas almost here, we decided to check out what was going on around the Humble, Texas area as far as decorations go. Well, we found out from the Mayor of Humble (Mayor Merle as we affectionately call him), that the beautiful, big tree that is typically decorated in front of City Hall wasn’t displayed this year because of all the road systems going in around town. So we traveled down the city streets and found a few other areas decorated beautifully for the holidays.

Above we have a home located downtown that was all decked out.

christmas-tree-knowledgeAnd, remember the “Tree of Knowledge?” Well, this is what it looks like decorated with lots of lovely lights.

christmas-downtown-humble-texasLooking downtown, the streets are also lit up with lots of lights hanging everywhere. Although the picture doesn’t really do them justice – since the other car lights muted the effect.

christmas-giraffe-a-dogLastly – here is the “Giraffe-A-Dog” doghouse that I highlighted in one of my older posts. See, in Humble we even decorated our doghouses… even the strange ones with odd animals living there.

Hope you have the very best this season has to offer!

Merry Christmas from my family to yours,
Carm Wisenbaker, one proud and Humble Texan!

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