My husband and I were driving down Highway 59 (past New Caney, Texas) the other day and I began to notice several signs along the way that truly showcased what the business was about. So I thought I’d take a picture or two and share with you my findings.

The one above is in Goodrich, Texas (as you can see in the picture) and this really cool sign is designed as an antique airplane – letting you know they sell antiques. Okay, so I thought it was cool… even if some of you don’t. It looks like the auction got postponed and we were to drive on safely.

aqua pools sign

This sign was in the Shepherd, Texas area, and I thought, “This is one of those signs that when you see it, you know exactly what they do for a living.” I guess you were supposed to either call the phone number listed or go online to find out where they were located because there wasn’t any place to stop and shop (not that we were looking for a pool anyway).

Tire repair sign

And my last sign was in a little, tiny area called Westcott (just on the other side of Cleveland, Texas) and as you can see – they fix tires, sell tires, and must store old tires as well (?). Even though this sign is kind of funny, just looking at the place I’m not sure if I would want them “touching” my tires!  🙂

Signing off… this is Carm, one proud and Humble Texan!

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