Yep, that’s right… there is actually a town named Notrees, Texas – zip code 79759.

map-of-notrees-txIt’s located on Highway 302 and is about 20 miles northwest of Odessa.

You know how I love digging around into how small Texas towns got their “unusual” names, and Notrees, Texas is no exception.

So, how did it get its name? Well, before the town had an official name, the Post Office Department asked Postmaster C.J. Brown to come up with a descriptive name for the town so they could make mail deliveries easier. Well, he did… Notrees, Texas.


Hmmmm… nothing but cactus here!


Back in 1944, there were no trees. There are now a few trees here and there, but most have been planted by residents over the years. Most have either died or got destroyed in brush fires.

So I guess the name is appropriate for the area.


See, I found a tree in Notrees!

Although I did look to see if there was any real estate for sale in the town and I did find one property listed. It was a parcel of land right outside of the town and had a listing price of $500,000.

So if you know of anyone that would like to live where there are no trees, hardly any people, and barely any work to be had (only about 4 different businesses and a Post Office), just have them give me a call. I’ll be happy to send them the link to the property. But I bet they can probably make a much better deal than is listed.

Signing off… this is Carm, one proud and Humble Texan!

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