So, what’s really in a name? Well apparently 2 “bb’s” and a “hill.”

Or at least it seems to be in the name of this street! We saw this sign while driving down 190, just a little East of Livingston. “Knobbhill” or “Knob Hill” (whichever way it is spelled) is right between Mill Hill Road and Hornet Nest.

As you can tell, some of the street names in this countryside town are just a hoot! We also drove by streets like Country Charm Road (isn’t that charming?), Wigwam Trail, and Warpath Drive (and so many more that I couldn’t count them all).

Of course, the “Knob Hill” sign was the only one I made my hubby turn around for to take these pictures. It was just odd to see one sign spelled one way and the street sign spelled another. Love the country quirkiness of this, don’t you?

Until the next adventure,
Signing off… this is Carm, one proud and Humble Texan!

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