Texas Style Barbecue!

We joined our sis and bro-in-law – Wanda and Bob, for some barbecue in the town of Huntsville last week, and boy, was it delicious!

This little hole-in-the-wall place is known as the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church’s Barbecue and it’s located at 2601 Montgomery Rd (which is also known as 1374). We got a little lost before we found the place and was able to see a little more of the town than we planned. There were a lot of really neat sights to see and I do believe that “Dreamy D” and I will take to the road again and take a few more pictures of the town next time.

The building is nothing grand or anything, and you just might miss it… unless you know what you’re looking for. It is right next door to a little country church (the New Zion Missionary Baptist Church – which is the same name as the BBQ place). The BBQ pit and building were originally started to help pay the expenses of the church. But it has become a stable here in Huntsville and everyone around knows about it and comes here to eat (often!).

When we first entered the “tiny” building, we were met with smiles and friendly service – especially from Clint. He has the look of a grand barbecue cook master. We weren’t sure how much cooking he did, but he certainly looked the part. Everyone was super friendly and the service was fantastic. The pricing is simple – 1 meat for $10, 2 meats for $11, and 3 meats for $12. You get the meat (of choice or choices), a big helping of beans, and the same size helping of potato salad, along with bread, and slices of onions. The food was delicious and very filling. If you go away hungry from this place… it’s your own fault!

If you decide you want to go – they are only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The hours are from 11 am to 6 pm. When the BBQ place is closed, they are all working at the church or are holding church services.

So, try it out and see what you think – you’ll be glad you did!

Here are the pictures we took of the place…

Signing off… this is Carm, one proud and Humble Texan!

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