Girlfriend Trip: The National Museum of Funeral History

This month the “Girlfriends” (Mary Lynn, Holly, me, Myra, and Mildred), visited the National Museum of Funeral History located 415 Barren Springs Drive in Houston, Texas.

It was really interesting (although just a little bit morbid), and we learned a lot of fascinating things about the funerals.

You might be asking what could they possibly exhibit in a Funeral Museum? Well, speaking of exhibits, we saw exhibits on “Mourning Apparel,” “Mourning Traditions of Different Countries,” “Celebrity Memorabilia,” and various displays regarding the Pope.


We also saw President Reagan’s hearse, heard the story of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, viewed the original (yes, the original), Eternal Flame, and saw a replica of President Lincoln and President Kennedy’s caskets.


There were so many different (and unusual) types of caskets, including some European caskets built for a person’s specific profession. A triple casket built for a mother, a father, and a child (talk about trying to save money on plot space, huh?). And there was even a casket encased with real money (perfect for the person that wants to take it with them!).


The museum is wall to wall hearses, but some of the more interesting ones included an all wood hearse, an emperor’s hearse, and this really ornate hearse made for some Chinese Royalty.


Some other highlights included this picture of Abraham Lincoln made entirely of Lincoln head pennies. We also had a guided tour by Rob and he explained the reasoning behind this hearse being white instead of black (sadly it was built for a young child).


Last but not least, we headed to the gift shop and bought a few souvenirs where staff member, Ruby, gave us a great big ole’ smile!

Of course, what’s a girlfriend trip without stopping for a bite to eat? Holly wasn’t able to join us, but Mildred, Mary Lynn, myself, and Myra all headed over to Pappasitos Cantina to grab some Mexican food before heading back home.


Next stop? Who knows? But I’ll make sure you are kept in the loop in case you’d like to visit some of the places we explore.

Signing off… this is Carm, one proud and Humble Texan!

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