Summer is over, vacations are done, school is back in session, and the girlfriends are back in town!

And this time the girlfriends got together for a little shopping at Sam Moon (over near The Woodlands area) and then off to lunch at the Whistle Stop Café in Conroe, Texas (you already know that’s one of my favorites!).

About our “Girlfriend” trips: over the last gazillion years (well, maybe not quite that long ago, but a lot of years ago), there were a lot of us business owners that wanted a more fun way to network and connect with each other. So we started going shopping, visiting museums, taking cooking classes, doing crafts, eating out, attending wine tasting events, and doing some sight-seeing together. And we have become very close to one another and developed some really close relationships through the years. But we have learned that meeting through the summer months and the holidays proves to be too stressful, so we leave those months alone for other activities and get together other times that fit into our busy schedules… and in August we start all over.

Girlfriends at Whistle Stop

On this trip, we shopped, we talked, we laughed, we celebrated a couple of birthdays, and genuinely had a lot of fun playing catch-up on everything. (We being – Leslie, Myra, Lisa and me!)

The food is goneHere you’ll find that the food was really good… but it wasn’t on our plates for very long.

I’ll keep you posted when we get together again – and you never know where we might show up!
Signing off… this is Carm, one proud and Humble Texan!

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