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Carmen WisenbakerHere’s My Story:

My name is Carmen Wisenbaker and I am retired from publishing and marketing, but I still make use of my publishing expertise when I write my own stuff. If you’d like more information about Penworth Publishing and Marketing (from back in the day), click here.

I was born (many, many years ago) in Houston, Texas, but was raised in a small town just north of that called Porter. Growing up I always said when I got old enough I was going to leave my small town roots and head to the city. Well, I did just that and followed a very stuffy corporate path until deciding to head back to the country (and moved to Humble, Texas) some 18 years later. Now, I wouldn’t even consider living anywhere else but in a small town community.

So, why this site?
Since I’m retired, I wanted to create a space where I could share my thoughts with others (just for fun, of course). I want my shares to be about smiles and positive thoughts along with laughter, humor and have a small town feel. I believe the internet is way too full of negativity and if that’s what you’re looking for… you should go look someplace else.

One of My Favorite Sayings is…
RETIRED! And smiling all the time because I don’t have to pay attention to a word anybody is saying!

~ 1995 and 2006 – Business Associate of the Year with ABWA
~ 2006 – President, Women Of Vision Express Network – ABWA
~ 2006 and 2008 – Woman of the Year – WOVEN
~ 2009 to 2013 – Chair, Seminar Committee (Lake Houston Area Chamber)
~ 2010 – President, Friday Morning Networking
~ 2011 – Past President, Friday Morning Networking
~ 2011 – Local Small Business of the Year Top 3 Finalist (Lone Star College)
~ 2012 – National Small Business of the Year nominee (SBA)
~ 2012 to 2013 – Board of Director (Lake Houston Area Chamber)
~ 2012 to 2016 – Newsletter Editor – WOVEN
~ 2015 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Master Certification
~ 2016 – Social Media Marketing Certification
~ 2016 – Woman of the Year – WOVEN
~ 2017 – RETIRED!!!
~ 2018 – STILL RETIRED!  🙂

A list of some of my books (from back in the day):
“52 Ways to Become Famous [and Sometimes Infamous]”
“5 Key Steps in Becoming an Expert”
“Taking the Work Out of Networking”
“Speaking Your Way to Fame and Fortune”

So, explore away and if you’d like to get in touch, just pop me a note on my “Get in Touch” page!


 Ya’ll come back now and visit again real soon, ya’ here!?!!

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