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Carmen WisenbakerHere’s My Story:

My name is Carmen Wisenbaker and I am retired, but I was the owner of Penworth Publishing (which is NOW the publishing house for my products ONLY).

I was born (many, many years ago) in Houston, Texas, but was raised in a small town just north of that called Porter. Growing up I always said when I got old enough I was going to leave my small town roots and head to the city. Well, I did just that and followed a very stuffy corporate path until deciding to head back to the country some 18 years later. Now, I wouldn’t even consider living anywhere else but in a small town community.

So, why this blog?

Since I’m retired, I wanted to create a space where I could blog and share thoughts with others (just for fun, of course). I want this blog to be a place for smiles and positive thoughts along with laughter, humor and a small town feel. I believe the internet is way too full of negativity and if that’s what you’re looking for… you should go look someplace else.

Why do I post what I post?

The reason I post what I do is that it gives my husband and I something to do together. We discovered that out of all the things we love to do the most, the main things we have in common are sightseeing and eating. We love roaming around within a 100 mile radius of Humble, Texas (our stompin’ grounds) and eating at some of the best “hole-in-the-wall” cafés along the way. So, that’s what I post about mainly!

But we also have some amazing friends and family members. We love to get-together and have fun… so I sometimes post these get-togethers (when I remember to take pictures). Many of them also travel throughout our beautiful state and (when they remember to take pictures), they send me some interesting (and often humorous) small town finds. So, I will often post those, too.

So, explore away and if you’d like to share some countryside craziness, a favorite watering hole, or some fun Texas event, just pop me a note on my “Get in Touch” page!

I love being a Texan


 Ya’ll come back now and visit again real soon, ya’ here!?!!

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